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AURORA Concentrated Colour Pigments

AURORA Concentrated Colour Pigments

6 Concentrated Colour Pigments that can be used to tint any of Wilson & Brown Products, and other water based products.

These pigments can also be mixed together to create endless colour possibilities, when mixing with white or transparent mediums, such as AURORA chalky White Primer or HYPERION Top Coat.

They CANNOT be used as a stand alone paint. They are concentrated and as such are used with other mediums to create colour.

The ratio of pigment to medium (paint, top coat etc) is 3 - 5%. So for every 100ml of white paint you would add a maximum of between 3 - 5 %. You can add less should you wish for a lighter shade.

  • Excellent Lightfastness - UV resistant

  • VOC Free

  • Formaldehyde Free

  • Toy regulation compliant

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