UV DTF Decals & Wraps

In House printed UV DTF Decals & Wraps.

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UV DTFs are white inked backed permanent decals to be used on hard surfaces and can be used on dark colors.

Perfect for Libbey Glass Cans!!!

No heat required. Just peel and apply. 3inch Wide Approx

They are permanent and ink-based with a varnish top clear coat, and do not need a further coating.

PLEASE BE AWARE: If using these under Hyperion, on a tumbler, they are thicker than our vinyl decals, therefore will need MORE coats.

If sticky residue is left on surface after placing decal, simply use rubbing alcohol to remove. Since these decals are PERMANENT, alcohol will not remove ink on image.  


16oz Wraps measure 9.5 inch x 4.75 at the outer edge, decals themselves maybe slightly smaller to make sure they fit Libbey glass can.

Decals measure 3in wide +/- 3mm

Please note the images are computer generated so the colours may vary slightly. The images are as close a representation of the image as possible. 

 The images can be used on both light and dark coloured cups/acrylic. Although the sticker is clear, the image is not. 

If you need exact sizing please let us know. 

The decals on sale have all been purchased from digital designers or from royalty free offerings. Once a threshold has been met I will look to gain extended licenses but where this is not possible a design will have to be removed.